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  • Assessing Allegheny by Raymond L. Richman (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 4, 2009). There is no need to hire an outside assessment firm
  • Real Estate Fiasco by Ray Richman (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, June 24, 2007). Maybe it's time to go with a Prop 13 style system in Pennsylvania
  • Forum: Let's end the assessment fiasco by Raymond L. Richman (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 15, 2006). A plan to fix the assessment fiasco in Pittsburgh
  • Midweek Perspectives: The assessment maze. by Raymond L. Richman (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 12, 2005)
  • Bring Back the Assessors by Raymond L. Richman (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 6, 2005). Property taxes need to be administered properly!
  • Forum:The property-tax reform charade by Raymond L. Richman (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, October 6, 2002). The proposal to reduce real estate taxes by substituting other taxes would make the tax system less equitable. The real estate tax is the best tax local governments can levy
  • The Reassessment by Raymond L. Richman (Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, April 7, 2002). Computers are an aid to assessing real estate, but assessing by computer only works in homogeneous neighborhoods or municipalities



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  • [An] extensive argument for balanced trade, and a program to achieve balanced trade is presented in Trading Away Our Future, by Raymond Richman, Howard Richman and Jesse Richman. “A minimum standard for ensuring that trade does benefit all is that trade should be relatively in balance.” [Balanced Trade entry]

    Journal of Economic Literature:

  • [Trading Away Our Future] Examines the costs and benefits of U.S. trade and tax policies. Discusses why trade deficits matter; root of the trade deficit; the “ostrich” and “eagles” attitudes; how to balance trade; taxation of capital gains; the real estate tax; the corporate income tax; solving the low savings problem; how to protect one’s assets; and a program for a strong America....

    Atlantic Economic Journal:

  • In Trading Away Our Future   Richman ... advocates the immediate adoption of a set of public policy proposal designed to reduce the trade deficit and increase domestic savings.... the set of public policy proposals is a wake-up call... [February 17, 2009 review by T.H. Cate]