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Tea Party's Contract from America endorses tax reform such as the FairTax
Howard Richman, 5/17/2010

The Tea Party Patriot's Contract from America endorses tax reform, such as the FairTax. Here's the relevant plank:

Enact Fundamental Tax Reform

Adopt a simple fair single-rate tax system by scapping the internal revenue code and replacing it with one that is no longer than 4,543 words -- the length of the original constitution.

Meanwhile, the FairTax has become an issue in the congressional race, tomorrow, to fill Congressman Murtha's seat. John Kraushaar at (FairTax spurs the campaign rhetoric) reports:

Democrats shot first, airing an ad that linked Burns to a proposal that supporters term the FairTax, which would scrap the income tax and enact an across-the-board sales tax instead. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spot charged Burns with supporting a higher sales tax, though it did not mention the proposed abolition of income taxes.

In response the FairTax National Victory Campaign aired $50,000 of their own ads to counter the misleading ad. The Hill reports:

Hoagland said his group is forming a political action committee this cycle, which will donate to candidates who support their cause. “From now on, if you lie about the FairTax, you’re going to be made to pay a price with the voters,” he said.

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Comment by Bill K., 5/18/2010:

Historically,  when a new, comprehensive idea (like the "Fair Tax") becomes part of either party's platform the objecting party will begin to shout and pull their collective hairs out by the roots in protest.   Lies become the norm,  personal attacks are in their every day conversations and attempts to discount the merits of the concept's mechanics are common place. 

Well, you consciencious objectors,  Americans are much more intelligent and sophisticated then you give us credit for.  We see through your attempts to turn us against the true crusaders for and of the people,  We will show solidarity and fortitude as the non-believers are swept out of office BY the people.

Have a nice day...

Bill K.


Comment by Amerigo M. Cimino, 5/21/2010:

Whay a great way to start a new year!  Lets get the Government out of our private lives.  Get the Fair Tax passed and get rid of the income tax!  We will transfer "power", from the politicians to the tax payer!   We get rid of the "Powerful" representatives; these politicians have had their way, and continue to prey on the working people, and spend their years in ofice trying to find ways to tax anything!  Get rid of ALL incumbents, and get a new start.  Gat our country back to runnig on rhe Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!  Get our Congress back to running the government, and not running private industry.  Remember in November!

Comment by Scott Greene, 5/23/2010:

Some people are against the National Sales Tax replacing the Income Tax

They support the current income tax system because they say it is progressive (those that earn more income pay more tax than those that earn less income)

But the current income tax system is NOT progressive at all!! 

With tax credits, deductions and so-called tax loopholes, there are a myriad of ways for very high wage earners to get around the higher tax brackets of this “progressive income tax system”.

Thus the percentage of tax they end up paying is LESS than the percentage of tax paid by those who earn lesser incomes.   

So these people are supporting an income tax system that does NOT do what it claims it does. 

In theory the income tax system may be progressive but in actual practice it is not. 

Since the income tax laws are constantly changing, only very wealthy businesses and very wealthy individuals have enough money to hire tax attorneys and CPA’s to constantly monitor the ever changing income tax laws, IRS directives and tax court cases to restructure their business and investment holdings to zero out the “progressive” tax they are supposedly paying.

The current income tax system has proven to be extremely inefficient and it is ALWAYS coming up short on what the government claims it is owed. 

Therefore tax reform is needed.

But it is IMPOSSIBLE to reform the current income tax system because its model is based on progressive income tax tables which then get zeroed out by credits, deductions and other loopholes.

Those that continue to argue for and support the current income tax system are actually hurting the segment of the population they claim to be helping – the middle class and the poor.

The only solution is a new tax system.

And the only argument that should be occurring today is what that new tax system should be.

Anyone voicing support for the current income tax system is supporting a tax system that is woefully inefficient, is made up of mind numbing rules and laws that the majority of citizens do not understand and actually harms the middle class and poor of this country.





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