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Michael Savage proposes 20% tariff on Chinese products
Howard Richman, 10/5/2010

In his  book that just came out today, "Trickle Up Poverty," Conservative talk show host Michael Savage has proposed a tariff on Chinese goods in order to restore America's manufacturing sector, specifically:

20 percent tariffs on all China made goods immediately; rising by 5 percent each year for each year China refuses to revalue their currency.

Savage calls his collection of proposals his "Manifesto for Saving America." There is a major change occurring within conservative thought.

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Comment by Larry Walker, Jr., 10/6/2010:

"There is a major change occurring within conservative thought." - Thanks to you.

Comment by Harold, 10/7/2010:

Sounds more like a Manifesto to Crush the Consumer. A 20% tariff? Are you kidding me? How much more can you strangle the global free market? Tariffs are never a win and they're already out of control. The U.S. has over 12,000 tariffs at mind boggling rates. When there are tariffs, the consumer suffers and that ultimately hurts American progress. If you want a little more education, I recommend reading a report on It'll open your eyes.

Response to this comment by , 10/7/2010:
Harold - "American Progress" towards what, exactly? The total desmantling of every last remaining industry. All you have to do is look around and you'll see 15 million unemployed here while China is booming. If prices going up means more jobs in America and less $1.50 hour jobs in China, then that's the price we need to be willing to pay.
Response to this comment by Bill, 10/8/2010:
"When there are tariffs, the consumer suffers and that ultimately hurts American progress." Oh boy. You can lead a horse to water....
Response to this comment by Howard Richman, 10/8/2010:
You are indeed correct that when there is balanced trade and a tariff is placed upon goods coming from another country, the consumer suffers. However, if a tariff acts to balance trade the consumer, to the extent he is a worker, benefits.

Comment by Brian, 10/8/2010:

How the hell would anyone suffer by america manufacturing. The reason the trinkets that represent a large percent of chinese export are so cheap is because they refuse to revalue their currency while they laugh at us for buying it all, making an oppressive nation a global power.  In the mean time america is on the brink and the comments here are about the consumer!!! Trust that china would compete very hard if americans could buy american computer parts & fake poo, creating a far more robust global marketplace. We are capable we're just sleeping, hopefully you people will wake up....The consumer....Spineless Americans WTF happened to us our fathers & grandfathers had chunks of guys like you in thier stool 

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