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Donald Trump at CPAC
Howard Richman, 2/11/2011

Here's a video of Donald Trump's February 10 speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. He was quite well received, except by some rude Ron Paul supporters.

At the moment, Trump is the only potential Republican 2012 presidential candidate who has a decent platform on trade. He says that he would apply tariffs to the countries that have been taking advantage of us. Perhaps he would impose our scaled tariff proposal which would bring in several hundred billions of revenue, at first. That revenue would quickly decline and be replaced by increased American incomes due to corporations building new ultra-modern factories in the United States in order to be on the right side of our tariff barriers.

He says that the Mexicans and Chinese he talks with can't believe what the United States is letting them get away with. He is correct. China not only manipulates the dollar-yuan exchange rate so that our prices are high and theirs low, but it also applies both tariff and non-tariff barriers to our products. Despite our supposed free-trade agreement, not only has Mexico started manipulating exchange rates, but it also has placed a 25% duty on U.S. cheese, a 20% duty on U.S. wine, 15% duties on U.S. fruit and fruit juices, 15% duties on U.S. pencils and pens, 10% duties on U.S. shampoo, hair spray, tooth paste and deodorant, and 10% duties on U.S. dog and cat food.

Here's the website where the embed codes for this you-tube video can be found:

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Comment by , 2/12/2011:

Donald Trump was rude to Ron Paul. Ron's people stood up for him.

Response to this comment by Howard Richman, 2/12/2011:
Watch the video. I think you'll find it started with Ron Paul supporters.

Comment by Scott, 2/12/2011:

Could we handle the boldness and truthfulness from Trump? I dont know about you neither do I care, But I love what he says. We need an American first strong willed leader. The persona I see in Trump. 

Comment by Tim, 2/15/2011:

Ron Paul won CPAC's straw poll!

Comment by , 2/27/2011:

I have never been a great fan of Donald Trump either way.  But he is 100% correct when he states we have to raise Tarrifs to create jobs.  Ross Perot (also a Billionaire Business man) said it many years ago when Bill Clinton was getting ready to sign an earlier NAFTA aggreement with Mexico.  Perot said , "if he signs that NAFTA agreement with Mexico you will hear a 'loud sucking sound' and that will be our American jobs being sucked down into Mexico."  he was right,  and we have a similar "unbalanced" agreement with China.  Washington SOLD our jobs.   Chinese and Mexican governments take care of there countries.  American governments take care of their RICH corporate friends.

Comment by Connie Smith, 2/27/2011: Go Trump!!! I agree totally!! You have the business knowledge and expertise this country needs!!

Response to this comment by Tony Savala, 11/20/2012:
tutaj Trumb is awesome

Comment by Greg, 3/7/2011:

Here is an American that knows what to do. The United States needs to listen to this man. Yes, it just so happens to be Donald Trump. What he is saying isn't pretty, but it's the truth. Our country is a corporation, and when  corporatins are run with poor leaders, bleeding red, and have deals made against their best interests, they vanish in the blink of an eye. Give me Trump in 2012.

Comment by John Currier, 4/7/2011:

"By the way Ron Paul cannot get elected, I'm sorry."  Why did Trump apologize for stating a fact?

Comment by Teresa, 4/21/2011:

I'm sorry, but Donald Trump is a bit of an arrogant hypocrite. There are two things this man truly cares about:  himself and his money. Corporations and CEOs, including the very likes of The Donald and his friends, continue to send jobs overseas for one simple reason: high profit margins. And believe me, Donald Trump is ALL ABOUT high profit margins. He might talk a good talk, but that's pretty much where it ends. Bottom line for The Donald has always been the 'bottom line'. And when it comes to profits, he's the first one in line ordering his products from the cheapest place possible... China.

Response to this comment by David, 8/9/2011:
You souind jeolous
Response to this comment by Phyllis Poole, 8/15/2011:
Donald Trump is two faced.  While he  gets all kinds of attention on things he knows people want to hear -he hides under many corrupt deals where he can further his intake of millions -like emminent domain -putting people out of their homes to create huge plazas.

Comment by Bill, 4/24/2011:

Donald Trump was not rude to Ron Paul.  Ron's people were rude to Donald Trump.  Any reasonable and intelligent person will see that.

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