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EPA disses Congress
Howard Richman, 4/16/2011

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrators are refusing to come to Congressional hearings on new EPA regulations. Here's a selection from an article by Robin Bravender posted at

Of three Energy and Commerce Committee hearings held this week on controversial EPA rules, the agency sent an administration witness to just one.

Rep. Henry Waxman of California, the top Democrat on the panel, sent a letter Tuesday to top committee Republicans saying the EPA couldn’t make it because the majority didn’t give either the EPA or the Democrats enough advance notice. He asked Republicans to make “greater efforts in the future to ensure that the committee is able to hear from administration witnesses by providing adequate notice.”...

Meanwhile, Congresssional Republicans with some Democratic support are doing their best to rein in the agency. An editorial (EPA's days as 'rogue agency' are numbered) in the Washington Examiner reports:

Lost in the kabuki-dance drama of last week's budget showdown were immensely important votes in the Senate and House on the Environmental Protection Agency's efforts to govern through regulation. In the House, 19 Democrats joined the Republican majority in a decisive 255-172 vote to defund the EPA's attempt to circumvent Congress and begin its own cap-and-trade program. The measure was introduced by House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Fred Upton of Michigan. A companion measure introduced in the Senate by Sen. Jim Inhofe, the Oklahoma Republican who is the ranking minority member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, fell just short of the votes needed for passage, despite support from three Democrats....

Shortly after the House vote last week, Rep. Dennis Cardoza, D-Calif. -- who opposed the Upton measure -- told Politico that a growing number of his Democratic colleagues were beginning to view the EPA as a "rogue agency." He added, "I think the president's out of step on this one, and he's going to have to get his agency under control."

EPA is stifling development of American fossil fuels, raising the cost of electricity and oil in its furtherance of the outdated 20th century theory that greenhouse gasses (especially carbon dioxide) strongly influence climate. The 21st century theory, currently being explored by some of the world's top physicists, is that cosmic rays and solar activity are the major factors determining the earth's climate and that carbon dioxide plays a limited role, at most. (Watch this Cern lecture by Jasper Kirkby for a review of the current research evidence.)

The EPA administrators were informed of the changing state of climate change theory in an internal report by some of their own employees, but they decided to ignore the new developments in the Technical Support Document that they published to justify regulation of carbon dioxide as a pollutant. Here is a selection from the ignored internal EPA report:

B. There appears to be a strong association between solar sunspots/irradiance and global temperature fluctuations. It is unclear exactly how this operates, but it may be through indirect solar variability on cloud formation. This topic is not really explored in the Draft TSD [Technical Support Document] but needs to be since otherwise the effects of solar variations may be misattributed to the effects of changes in GHG [Green House Gas] levels...

In December 2009, President Obama negotiated the Copenhagen Accord which gives China a free pass to emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. As a result, EPA's decision to restrict carbon dioxide has little effect upon world carbon dioxide output; it just moves American manufacturing to China. And yet, EPA refuses to send its top administrators to testify before Congress.

The arrogant anti-capitalist looters of Atlas Shrugged have nothing over today's EPA administrators.

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Comment by Patriotson, 4/18/2011:

Just another proof that under Obama, the EPA has become a 4th arm of government.  Congress has no oversight of the agency; it has gone rogue and is making law through regulation.  Rep. Dennis Cardoza, D-Calfi is wrong in saying Obama is going to have to get his agency under control.  It is not Obama's agency it the peoples agency and when the people are sick and tired of the EPA using regulatory controls to shut down domestic energy production; control quality of life through regulatory rules and ignore the oversight of congress, then it is time to drive a stake through the heart of the EPA.  Cut off its funding; shut down its regulatory ability; increase oversight until the life is squeezed out of it.  Obama is egregious but he EPA is beyond egregious.  It is a boil on the ass of the American people.

Comment by THomas, 4/18/2011:

  what an outrage. EPA sucks and the internet is taking EPA and Obama down!

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