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Is Dark Horse McCotter the best Republican Candidate on Trade?
Jesse Richman, 8/13/2011

Representative Thaddeus McCotter was unique among the speakers at the Iowa Straw Poll today in identifying the importance of addressing the challenge posed by China.  His websitealso acknowledges China's mercantilist trade policy and advocates ending it. 

"We must seek to restore vibrancy and prosperity to the American economy and the American middle class by dismantling destructive concentrations of power – in banking, in government and in education – and by ending Communist China’s mercantilist trade policy. By allowing American workers and entrepreneurs to compete on a level playing field, we will see how well they perform and how much we all prosper."

McCotter also argues:

"We have no illusions about the regime that governs Communist China, which is using every means available in its quest for wealth and power. We must pursue a strategy of constructive containment by maintaining our military advantage, getting our financial house in order, and actively combating Communist China’s unfair trade practices and theft of our intellectual property."

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Comment by NAROTTAMDEV, 8/14/2011:


Heard McCotter's speech at the Ames straw poll today in full. Interesting. Refreshing. Not the same BS as Palin, Bachman or Perry.  I only wish McCotter gives more specifics and puts his money where his mouth is, by way of not letting China beat US as the world's greatest nation.  Is he willing to “Take All Necessary Steps” to prevent this imminent threat to our reputation and freedom from becoming a reality, by announcing specifics: e.g. Freeze the assets of this communist country in USA, ask all in US and elsewhere to STOP BUYING  "MADE IN CHINA" and buy instead, “Made In USA.” Ask all in US and elsewhere to “Give away to Salvation Army” everything ‘Made In China’ they own.  McCotter will be more believable then.  Thanks.


Response to this comment by Jesse Richman, 8/19/2011:
Although McCotter does identify the problem posed by China's mercantilist trade policies, his website does not give specifics about how he would address them.  I agree that details about his plans, if any, are critically important.  Candidates sometimes talk a pretty good game on trade without plans to do anything about it (e.g. Obama in 2008).  The plans matter. 

Comment by Bobby, 8/14/2011:

If I wasn't supporting Ron Paul, Thaddeus McCotter would be my 2nd choice.

Response to this comment by Jerry, 8/14/2011:
McCotter should be your first choice if you care about what "free trade" is doing to America... Ron Paul may have flip flopped to be a protectionist but I doubt it... Listen to what he says for himself back in 2009

Comment by mark zoppolato, 8/16/2011:

everyone seems to have forgotten that china is really communist and follows the prnciples of marx,,to destroy capitalism,,they are succeeding,,they suppress market forces to correctly value their currency,suppress their workers to work for peanuts,seal technology,subsidise raw material inputs to make the cheapest products in the world below cost price,,,when is the world going to wakeup,,,the chinese leadership are all desciples of Chairman Moe,,they are winning without firing a shot,,they understand what Moe said about "defeating capitalism with sugar coated bullets"    wealth and power  is not the objective ,they are  the tools to defeat capitalism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   

Response to this comment by ClydeB, 8/20/2011:
You do a great rant, but Chinese politics is such a small part of the problem that it can be ignored. The real problem can be explained by analyzing the population density of the two countries and its effects on per-capita consumption and employment. China is so densly populated that unemployment looms as a disasterous catastrophe if it grows and their per-capita consumption is so low that they must export massive amounts of goods at what ever cost. We must counter that phenomon before we have a hope of improvement. It will be brutal, but tariffs sufficient to achieve trade balance is the only solution.

Comment by Ted Birnbaum, 11/19/2011:

That's good but I don't think unfair trade is one of his big issues. We must distinguish between candidates who give lip service to outsourcing and those who realize and declare the enormity of the damage unfair trade has done to the USA. I suspect he is more concerned with China's quest for military power. I suggest you look at Buddy Roemer, who will not only attack unfair trade but the political corruption that allows it to be tolerated.

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