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Solar activity caused recent extreme weather in USA
Howard Richman, 4/22/2012

If you watch the above April 2, 2012, you-tube video (click here if you can't see it) from Piers Corbyn's, you will find at the 5:30 mark that he correctly predicted March's extreme weather in the USA:

The thirteenth to fifteenth of March, we specifically predicted this in our forecast in detail, we said there would be tornadoes and giant hail in the lower midwest. That happened.

We also said, after that there would be a big heat wave in the central and eastern parts of the USA. That happened.

And then we said that would turn into or change into something more focused on Texas with intense heat in Texas. That happened.

And then, finally, there was a cold blast just coming down from Canada in the Northeast part of America at the end of March carrying into April which we predicted.

Later in the video, Corbyn predicts more tornadoes and other extreme events coming to the American midwest between April 22-24, which precisely coincides with the huge winter storm that is arriving tomorrow, precisely the day he predicted.

He holds that the current extreme weather is due to a certain configuration which appears every 60 years, plus or minus 5 years, causing the same sort of extreme weather each time. He explains:

Technically, they say, well, the big extremes are caused by changes in the track of low pressure systems as they go around the globe, and when there's big amplitude swings in this track, then you do get more extreme events. However, they don't know where these big amplitude swings come from.

However, we do understand the origin of these big amplitude swings in the jet stream, and these are caused by a mingling of solar-magnetic factors and lunar factors which is why the basic signal is the 60 year signal we've mentioned.

And for the last three years we have been in the middle of one of these peaks of big swings in the jet stream, and we are going to carry on like this for at least another year or so. And right now we are in, perhaps, the most exciting phase of this 60 year cycle.

Corbyn is an astrophysicist and bases his predictions upon solar magnetic factors (such as sunspots) and lunar factors. He looks for repetitions of historic patterns and bases his forecasts on what those patterns led to in the past. He makes his money, mostly from insurance companies, by successfully predicting extreme weather events in Great Britain. We are fortunate that he is starting to make predictions about USA weather these days. He is a brilliant genius who is discovering patterns that nobody ever noticed before.

Meanwhile global warming activists are in the midst of a big propaganda campaign, called "Connect the Dots," designed to convince the public that the current extreme weather events are due to global warming, not due to the solar events that actually cause them. The New York Times reported the success of their disinformation campaign on April 17 (In Poll, Many Link Weather Extremes to Climate Change). Here is how their story begins:

A poll due for release on Wednesday shows that a large majority of Americans believe that this year’s unusually warm winter, last year’s blistering summer and some other weather disasters were probably made worse by global warming. And by a 2-to-1 margin, the public says the weather has been getting worse, rather than better, in recent years.

The survey, the most detailed to date on the public response to weather extremes, comes atop other polling showing a recent uptick in concern about climate change. Read together, the polls suggest that direct experience of erratic weather may be convincing some people that the problem is no longer just a vague and distant threat.

There are two competing theories. The solar/cosmic ray theory successfully predicts weather and climate. The global warmers' theory correctly predicts opinion polls.

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Comment by Tom Mannis, 4/23/2012:

Best line I've seen in a long time: "The global warmers' theory correctly predicts opinion polls."

Comment by Larry Walker, Jr., 4/23/2012:

"The solar/cosmic ray theory successfully predicts weather and climate. The global warmers' theory correctly predicts opinion polls." - I'm laughing out loud, because it's so true!

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