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Piers Corbyn makes his July USA solar-based weather forecast public
Howard Richman, 7/7/2012

Piers Corbyn, the British astrophysict who has been using his solar-based techniques to successfully predict weather in Great Britain, has been predicting weather in the United States for the last few years. He usually requires that subscribers pay for his forecasts in advance, but this month, he is making his June 29 forecasts public due to the extreme nature. Here are some quotes from his press release about his predictions for the U.S.A. in July. First he notes his success with predicting June weather back at the end of May:

WeatherAction long range forecast issued end May for ~29June to 1July correctly warned of serious Forest Fires in S/W USA and serious thunder and hail storms in N/E (areas approx). This followed major success through June and previous months.

On June 29, he made the following predictions for July in the USA:

Waves of major thunderstorms, tornadoes and giant hail continue mainly in N/E parts.

Searing heat will grip West / South parts with extremely dangerous ‘out-of-control’ forest fires especially later in month.

  • Frequent low pressure over Great Lakes / N/E
  • Variable band of high(er) pressure from NW to SE parts divides USA through July

The cause of these extremes is the changes in the jet stream caused by solar activity:

Ongoing extremes and major contrasts across USA and Europe and associated large amplitude swings in the Jet Stream are aspects of pre-Little Ice Age Weather patterns as the world descends towards a new Little Ice Age of a colder climate caused by low solar activity especially around 2020-45. Solar Lunar Action Technique SLAT 8A predicts these changes.

As Corbyn predicted much earlier, due to his solar-lunar technique, this year will continue to be one of extremes, both hot and cold. New Zealand and Australia, for example, are experiencing unusually cold weather at the moment.

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Comment by Larry Walker, Jr., 7/8/2012:

Interesting, as always!

Comment by happy employees, 10/20/2012:

It is unexpected, even so the news is great. Now, because of the winter, a few of us can find a decent job, we will be some very happy employees. The real question is: how long we will be employed? Or this phenomenon is just temporary?


Response to this comment by moon56555, 11/9/2012:
research proposal for phdUnfortunately, the Xperia go lacks a front-facing camera for video calls and self-portraits. We think this is a disappointing omission given its rugged capabilities.

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