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Stop the Growth of Government Which Leads to Socialism Which Leads to Fascism
Raymond Richman, 11/2/2013

It is no accident that Hitler and Mussolini were socialists before they organized their National Socialist (NAZI) and Fascist parties. It is the inherent tendency of socialists to become authoritarian. It is no accident that Stalin, when the Kulaks refused to give up their crops, confiscated their farms, murdered millions of them, and exiled all the remaining to Siberia. They believe that the end justifies the means. It does but it does not justify illegal means like murder, threats of financial and bodily harm, and blackmail. Pres. Obama has now been shown to be persecuting his perceived enemies as evidenced by the IRS discrimination against conservative groups, the blatant lies that under Obamacare individuals and businesses could keep the health care policies if they wanted to, the selective prosecution of banks -- J. P. Morgan but not Goldman Sachs an Obama favorite, and now threatening Bank of America. He has also been charged with urging insurance companies not to criticize Obamacare under the implied threat that they would suffer consequences.   

The federal and state government impose huge taxes on cigarettes because they have been shown to be health threatening as if the danger associated with smoking were not enough. The hypocrisy is self-evident; the government could ban cigarette smoking as it has with marijuana and cocaine but it would lose all the money it extracts from taxes on cigarettes.

Pres. Obama began his “blackmailing” early. He was a lawyer in a suit brought against Citibank by black activists alleging that Citibank was discriminating against black and poor neighborhoods by not making more mortgage loans in poor neighborhoods. There was little merit to the allegations. But in such cases, courts are unwilling to throw such suits out, knowing the burden of proof, often manufactured, is on the plaintiffs and relying on the defendants to show the lack of merit in the plaintiffs’ case. But this is a political suit. Citibank decided to settle rather than face a prejudiced Chicago jury. In our opinion, the suit was blackmail pure and simple, made possible by the absurd Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and its amendments over the years. The Act is still in existence  despite the fact that it was perhaps the principal cause of the housing bubble which, when it burst, initiated the Great Recession of 2008. The bill is still in existence, showing how hard it is to repeal foolish legislation. It has made millions for leftist neighborhood organizations like ACORN which black-mailed all the major banks into employing them as mortgage initiators.

Environmental fanatics world-wide use the assertion that man-made carbon emissions causes global warming in spite of the fact that earlier periods of global warming occurred before petroleum was used. Solar disturbances are the principal cause of global warming and cooling. Hundreds of billions have been spent on worse than useless projects like wind and solar electric plants, expensive hybrid and electric autos, trading in junkers, subsidizing businesses and home-owners to insulate their buildings, all of which have had little if any effect on global warming. In fact, the world has experienced no warming during the past two decades and some scientists argue that there is evidence that we are on the verge of a long period of global cooling. The hundreds of billions of dollars wasted could have been put to finding ways to deal with disastrous hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods.

Canada is likely to benefit from global warming if it occurs, and economists have calculated that the U.S. would be harmed very little. The USA has been the great beneficiary of global warming in the past which created the Great Lakes and enabled the U.S. to become the greatest agricultural producer in the world.

 At the rate we have been using coal and petroleum, they will become increasingly scarce and their prices will skyrocket. The infamous Club of Rome asserted forty years ago that by now we would have run out of fossil fuels. They were wrong then because private producers found new sources and invented new technologies of extraction. These have produced an abundance of natural gas which produces fewer emissions of carbon. Let time and the private economy decide when and how to deal with the global warming problem if it becomes a problem.

Obamacare is another instance of misguided government action and the march to socialism. Indeed it has many fascist characteristics. It forces people and businesses into a government health plan when it is evident that voluntary action by businesses and households and insurance companies has done an excellent job of providing health care to millions of Americans. We haven’t calculated how much Obamacare will cost the middle class but it will probably be the biggest “tax” increase, as the Supreme Court has called it, in history.

 The most serious problem facing this country is how to arrest and possibly reverse the slide into socialism which, if not arrested and reversed, will inevitably end in authoritarian government.  

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Comment by Bruce Bishop, 11/10/2013:

Dr. Richman,

Excellent article.  Thanks for reminding folks that Hitler and Mussolini began their climb to power as socialists and eventually morphed into totalitarians.

Thanks also for taking on the global warming hoax and our long downhill slide toward socialism.

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