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Gov. Huckabee decries "unbalanced trade deals" in Presidential announcement speech
Howard Richman, 5/5/2015

You can listen to the following statement at the 9:44 mark:

We don't create good jobs for Americans by entering into unbalanced trade deals that forego Congressional scrutiny, and then looking the other way as the law is ignored so that we can import low wage labor, undercut American workers, and drive wages lower than the Dead Sea. That's unacceptable.

I would love to hear a candidate say that he would balance trade, since doing so would help restore America's economic health. This is close.

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Comment by M, 5/7/2015:

The Huckster is back.

And this time he is a NINA (No Influence No Authority) Gadfly, with ZERO possibility of becoming the next POTUS. I wonder, What is his authentic motiviation for hitting the campaign trail?? 

Response to this comment by Howard Richman, 5/7/2015:
Dick Morris thinks that Huckabee has a good chance this time. He is now well known due to his Fox News TV show. He thinks that the race is likely to come down to Jeb Bush, Scott Walker and Huckabee.
Response to this comment by M, 5/8/2015:
Huckabee is a favorite of evangelical Christians.  He will probably do well in Iowa. But, that's a slim base to build on. He will probably get pasted in New Hampshire. So... Maybe/ maybe not. Like a good Republican, Huckabee is for a balanced budget. But he (and other Republican's) refuse to say Exactly where to cut the budget. Not something abstract like Waste/Fraud/Abuse. (It's an important detail to go missing.)  I seriously doubt Huckabee and strong commitment to Fair Trade. Huckabee is interested in Income Tax policy. I remember Huckabee signing a duet on Fox news. Song's refrain was... (10% was good enough for Jesus!) Dick Morris is the Newt Gingrich of the right. He is an Idea machine that Never stops. He has co-authored many books, which must to appeal to the Poli-Sci-Fy fantasy segment. After Morris predicted the big match up was going to be Hillary Clinton -Vs- Condoleezza Rice, I stopped paying attention. Not saying Dick Morris doesn't have some good insights....Always confident, frequently wrong.. would be a good description.

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