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Michael Savage comes out against "Trade Treason"
Howard Richman, 5/5/2015

Talk show host Michael Savage came out against giving President Obama Fast-Track power. Click here to listen to his show. He begins talking about the trade deal at the 03:44 mark:

This is an astonishing story that I'm about to tell you. There's a trade deal that the traitor in the White House is trying to push right now with the help of the Republicans. They're all traitors. This deal is such a sell out for America that even Harry Reid opposes it, I swear to God. This is something you'll never believe in a million years.

"Reid Throws Brakes on Obama Trade Push" is the headline on FoxNews. My headline is a little different. "Trade Treason" is what I call it.

Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid is jamming up President Obama's push for a new comprehensive trade deal, saying he'll try to block it until the Senate tackles other hot-button issues.

Now what this trade deal is, nobody really knows, but they kind of know. It's a sell out of the American worker by Obama and the Republicans. This is amazing. Think about what I'm saying to you. The Republicans and Obama want to give Asia a trade deal that will destroy us completely. And the only ones stopping it are the Democrats for reasons that are their own, probably because they have to go back to the workers in their communities and explain to them why they eroded the working man once again.

But listen to this. You've got to listen to this Senate leader Mitch McConnell. You know the gobbler, the guy who looks like a turkey with the gullet hangling down from the chin. This guy is one of the worst Benedict Arnolds in the history of America. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, the gobbler, urged his Republican colleagues to support Obama's trade push. And here's what he said:

"Of course we've already heard of an attempt to stand in the way of the bipartisan effort to debate this legislation. We already heard of yet another effort to make a partisan stand against a bipartisan accomplishment that would help grow opportunities for our constituents."

He means the lobbyists. The only opportunities that will grow are those pushed by the [Chamber of Commerce] and the few companies that will benefit from this. You see Obama is pushing a twelve nation agreement, known as the Trans [Pacific] Partnership, which would open markets around the Pacific Rim to U.S. exports. On the face of it, that sounds good.

But that's not exactly what it really is, because to complete this deal ... Obama has to win expanded negotiating authority from the U.S. Congress. And who's opposing him -- liberals and labor unions who say they fear the loss of American jobs.

I'm with the liberals and labor unions on this. I'm totally opposed to the Republican big businessmen on this. I'm sorry. Do I have to go party line?

Savage is correct. The treaty could indeed destroy our children's future. The only thing that Savage doesn't know is that several Republican Senators are standing up for the American people on this issue including Sens. Jeff Sessions (Ala.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Richard Burr (N.C.) and Shelley Moore Capito (W.Va.). 

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Comment by Van, 5/15/2015:

You are right Michael. The republicans are selling out to Obama and giving away our sovereignty!!!!   Please tell your listeners to call these5090 republicans and vote no. NO POWERS TO OBAMA. HES A TRAITOR AND SO IS THE GOP!!! No to the TPP. ITS UNAMERICAN!! NO OBAMATRADE!!

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