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CERN Study Casts Doubt on Man-made Global Warming
Raymond Richman, 10/18/2016

The following article appeared in London's Sunday Express in May, 2016. I came across it while browsing on Google. I found no reference to the study referred to in any American news source. The study casts doubt on the validity of the belief that the use of man-made fossil fuel is the major contributor to global warming much of which occurred before man began using fossil fuels. The assertion that scientists are in agreement with the notion that man-made global warming is principally responsible for global warming appears to be utter nonsense. The study has not been publicized in any American journal or news source that I have been able to find. A leading study of the negative effects of global warming world-wide showed that the U.S. would be one of countries least affected by global warming in the next century.  Until more research is done and it is reasonably certain that man-made fossil fuel emissions are the major or a significant cause of global warming, it is foolish to spend hundreds of billions of dollars world-wide measures to reduce fossil fuel emissions. The U.S. and the States give subsidies and tax benefits to the wealthy producers of so-called "clean fuel" a number of whom are not even American-owned and forces utilities to pay high prices for the electricity they produce.  And it gives tax credits to the wealthy consumers of Tesla and other electric and hybrid motor vehicles.

CERN is the largest nuclear research institution in, the world. The leading CERN researcher on the cause of climate change is a British scientist Jasper Kirkby. The article follows:

"Has climate change been disproved? Large Hadron boffins cast shock DOUBT on global warming

MANKIND'S burning of fossil fuels may not be the primary cause of global warming, according to the shock results of a new study by scientists behind the Large Hadron Collider (LCH).


Boffins from CERN have also discovered projected temperature increases over the next century may have been over estimated. Researchers found trees may have been putting similar aerosols into the air as burning fossil fuels, long before the industrial revolution, meaning humans may have had less impact on the climate than we thought. Scientists made the discovery during an experiment to create an artificial cloud that was thought could help cool Earth and reverse global warming.

A study published this week in the journal Nature has looked more closely at the tiny particles within clouds, known as cloud seeds, that help cool the planet and found they can be produced naturally. Clouds, including natural ones and those from aerosols, are seen by the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) as the single biggest source of uncertainty about the so-called human-caused climate change. 

The problem stems from not knowing how cloudy the world was before the industrial era, and the fact that some of the gases produced by burning fossil fuels said to warm the plant in the long-term, actually help cool it in the short-term through cloud formation. But now CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, have left the issue even more confusing after discovering, while creating the fake cloud, that trees could have been putting these aerosols into the atmosphere since they first grew at the time of the dinosaurs. ETTY

There may have been as many clouds in the pre-industrial era, say CERN scientists

Their scientists run the LCH - the world's biggest physics experiment in Geneva, Switzerland. To make matters more confusing, there are two types of partials. Direct aerosol particles come from dust, sea salt, and the burning of biomass. Secondary aerosol particles are formed when gas is converted into a particle, and are responsible for more than half of all cloud seeds in our atmosphere.

Until this study, scientists thought sulphuric acid, largely produced with fossil fuel emissions, was needed to form secondary aerosols, and therefore responsible for the bulk of global warming aerosols. However, the research found the Earth actually produces these particles naturally, without any interference from man. We found that nature produces particles without pollution. That is going to require a rethink of how human activities have increased aerosols in clouds.

The results may turn the whole climate change debate and projected temperature increases upside down, they said. Climate change projections had always taken it that the amount of aerosol seeded clouds in the pre-industrial age would have been much less than since industrialisation. But the findings mean the amounts could have been the same or just slightly less. An abundance of clouds in the preindustrial era - something the new study hints at - would mean less warming in the future.

This means current estimates of projected warming in the 21st century could be reduced, the study concluded.

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Comment by M, 10/22/2016:

Socialist renamed Global Warming as Climate Change, because the Earth isn't getting warmer. I prefer the original scary Title- "Global Warming". 

The prototype for Global Warming was "ACID RAIN". Which was discovered to be created by natural causes (also). But only after the US Congress spent a BILLION dollars reasearch the "ACID RAIN" problem. When the Socialists put on a full court press to scare the rubes, grab your wallet.

Comment by Ron V, 10/32/2016:

Scientists now know and have identified the causes of our earth’s climatic cycles. It is the “Sun” as it has been forever. “John L Casey, former NASA scientist” and others have researched and documented the solar flares and sun spots as they increased and decreased thus creating warmer and colder cycles.

While the ink battles of climate change, proponents vs opponents rages on about manipulation of data etc., the real reasons are emerging, as many scientists are advancing to restore the credibility of science itself. Climate change is only an integral part of extracting billions of tax dollars for funding, while the real core is to transform our country politically!

Former Harvard Physicist, Dr. Lubos Molt of the Czech Republic stated: The actual goal of climatism is to liquidate democracy, freedom and the prosperity of the world!

The following are excerpts from statements of members at a previous UN Climate Summit at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

>   Maurice Strong, who organized first UN Climate Summit; The only way of saving the world      will be for industrialized civilization to collapse. Isn’t it our responsibility to bring this about?

Timothy Wirth, (D-CO), Then Clinton-Gore administration as Undersecretary of the State for global issues; We have got to ride the global warming issue. Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic policy. Wirth now is in charge of the UN foundation which lobbies for hundreds of billions of U.S. taxpayer dollars to give to underdeveloped countries for climate change.

>  Christine Stewart, former Canadian Minister of the Environment; No matter if the science of global warming is all phony, climate change[provides] the opportunity to bring about social justice and equality in the world.

From the aforementioned one can easily assimilate the statements as; “redistribution of wealth”, commonly known as socialism.

The next Climate Change Conference will be held in Paris, France Nov. 30 to Dec. 11, 2015. The agenda subjects will of course, concentrate on climate change for the sake of transparency, etc. in order to mask the real “grand scheme” of International carbon trading. The scheme is comprised of a legal system that will strongly bind all participants, to carbon trading practices which will hold monetary pricing values by very complex, sophisticated mathematical formulas, that will determine how much will be paid, by developed countries to emerging countries.

(simple example: a developed country has 2000 fossil fuel energy plants and an emerging country only has 200. The developed country will pay large sums of money, called carbon taxes to emerging or poor countries to balance the carbon emissions).  (and there is that redistribution of wealth again), even on a larger scale than, Obama’s.  However, he will play a very major part in the granddaddy of all deceptive schemes as he is preparing, with his recent Alaskan visit and pushing his climate gate agenda while extracting more funds from the U.S. taxpayers.  

Response to this comment by John James, 11/2/2016:
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