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How the Democrats and Anti-Trump Republicans Seem Bent on Creating a Fascist USA
Raymond Richman, 8/27/2017
Few people realize it but Pres. F. D. Roosevelt, citing the depression as an excuse, embarked on policies that began the making of the USA into a fascist country. The Nazi Party in Germany and Mussolini’s Fascists recognized the New Deal as resembling the politics of Nazism and Fascism, with a central government increasingly involved in managing the economy. What distinguishes the U.S. from fascism was and is the absence of an autocrat. The people still have the final say as the election of Donald Trump shows. But the opposition and the media refuse to concede his victory. There are too many alligators in the swamp. Authoritarianism and fascism are not the same. Fascist dictators are authoritarians but not all dictators are fascists. To be a fascist is to be both authoritarian and socialist. General Pinochet, a dictator, was anti-socialist and restored the free market in Chile. Hitler called his party Nazi, national socialist, which is the best short definition of fascism. Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary (10th Edition) defines fascism more accurately as a regime “that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition”. The USA is not yet a fascist state. The President is not an autocrat. The nearly successful attempt of Sen Bernie Sanders, a self-described socialist, to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee is confirmation of the fascist nature of the Democratic Party’s left. His supporters forced the cancellation of Donald Trump’s primary rally in Chicago and picketed all of his rallies and were only prevented from physical attacks on Trump supporters by police action. Antiwa, a group that pretends to be anti-fascist uses violence to silence peaceful protests of rallies they oppose. It is a fascist organization not an anti-fascist one. Many Democrats and Antifa adherents claim that Pres.Trump is a fascist. But he satisfies none of the criteria of fascism. His power is limited and the Republican Congress has not enacted any of his principal policies. As Brent Bozell, a well-known conservative writer wrote recently, the Republican Party has done nothing to enact any of its objectives it has set forth over the years if not decades. He writes, “Will the Republicans enact the cuts they’ve promised, or will they now be the ones to kick the can, piling evermore trillions of dollars of debt on their own grandchildren?” By every indication they won’t do anything. The two parties have been described as Tweedledum and Tweedledee, The alternative to Pres. Trump is fascist-like conformity of political thought and support of actions designed to undermine freedom of thought and action. The New York Times and the Washington Post and hundreds of radio and televisions personalities attack Trump’s every word. The latest was Trump’s truthful description of both sides in Charlottesville as employing violence. Even his condemnation of the KKK and White Supremacists was criticized as insufficient. They were marching lawfully. The opposition led by Antifa had no legal permission to organize and march in protest. And the police made no attempt to separate the two groups. As to lies, Trump’s opposition appears to believe that telling a lie repeatedly will convince the public that the lie is true, typical of fascist everywhere. We can learn much about fascism studying Hitler’s climb to and exercise of power. The German Communists called the Nazis a right-wing party a lie but accepted as true by academia and the media. It was national socialist, not international socialist. If there is doubt about the socialist part of the name, the largest car-maker in the world, Volkswagen, was founded as a Nazi enterprise in 1937. Its production was postponed during WWII but began production with FDR’s help postwar. It eventually became a private enterprise and now has factories in 31 countries. The passage of the 16th Amendment in 1913 established the central government as more powerful than the States. But it was Presidents Hoover and FDR who implemented government controls of the private sector. The Davis-Bacon Act of 1931, signed by Pres. Herbert Hoover, a Republican, required prevailing union wages to be paid on public works projects. And FDR passed the minimum wage law sought by the lily-white trade union movement to weaken non-union enterprises. FDR’s National Recovery Act attempted to control prices and proved ineffective in combatting the Great Depression. Bernie Sanders is a socialist. He wants to use the power of the state to enforce commercial and industrial policy. The combination makes it clear he is a national socialist, i.e., a fascist. Trump believes in private free markets, with few regulations. In fact, his major contribution to date is the repeal of a large number of business regulations that Pres. Obama imposed. Trump’s supporters do not protest at Democratic meetings while Democrats, principally Sanders’ supporters do. One speaks of the fascist right. Conservatives are anti-socialists and do not engage in trying to silence their opponents. Characteristic of fascists are conformity of thought and action throughout the country enforced by intimidation. We already see that at universities in the hostility of faculty and students to politically incorrect ideas. The confederacy raised a legitimate constitutional issue, states’ rights, the right of the States to withdraw from the union. Eleven southern states sought to withdraw. The war was not fought to free the slaves. Pres. Lincoln stated that the emancipation proclamation was a war measure designed to weaken the confederacy but many believe that he used the war as an excuse for doing something he wanted to do. Not a few have called the President insane, a lie which many believe. Which of his legislative proposals is insane? Cutting taxes? Building a wall? Reducing the trade deficits? His opposition to government subsidies and punishment in the name of global warming? His desire to be energy self-sufficient? His remarkable cabinet choices? His nomination of Gorsuch to the Supreme Court? His use of the social media to get his views to the people? He claims that the NYT, Washington Post, CNN and others are creating false news, not correctly quoting him, and finding all sorts of excuses to avoid reporting his accomplishments? True! Pres. Trump is anti-fascist. What he faces are big lies which repeated often enough by the press may come to be believed. That would really give fascism a green light. Those who believe in democracy should join in resistance to fascism.

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