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China's Genocide and Efforts to Export the Destruction of Human Freedoms
Jesse Richman, 12/6/2019

 has an important piece in the Federalist today on recent leaks from China and the revelations made by a former Chinese spy in Australia who is seeking ausylum. It's an important counterpoint to those who seek to diminish the threat posed by China. 

Raleigh discusses the recent document leaks which reveal in further detail the thoroughgoing Chinese plans to brutaly suppress the culture of 13 million citizens because of their culture and religion.  The manuals for deception.  The Orwellian survielance state. 

If the world would protect human rights, then it must not treat China as a normal state in these circumstances. States engaged in genocide are not normal states.  A good place to start would be suspension and then expulsion from the World Trade Organization, followed by revocation of most favored nation status, a status China richly deserved to lose 30 years ago when it slaughtered pro-democracy protestors, and should never have been given back.

 1989 democracy protests in China were brutally repressed with about 10,000 killed. But after brief interregnum US continued open economic policies with regime responsible for that violence despite the continued political dominance of the Chinese Communist party.

“Students understood they were given one hour to leave square but after five minutes APCs attacked. Students linked arms but were mown down including soldiers. APCs then ran over bodies time and time again to make 'pie' and remains collected by bulldozer. Remains incinerated and then hosed down drains. Four wounded girl students begged for their lives but were bayoneted." -From recently declassified British diplomatic cable.

The second set of revelations concerns Chinese influence and subversion campaigns.  The efforts to buy up television stations in Taiwan to subvert its freedom.  The efforts to manipulate Australian politics. The recruitment of spies.  While Russia has received plenty of well-deserved criticism and ostracism for its efforts to undermine other people's self-government, China's more subtle but more thorough-going subversion deserves an even stronger response. 

Some of the specifics of Wang’s self-alleged activities include personal involvement in kidnapping one of five Hong Kong booksellers in 2015, infiltrating university and college campuses on foreign soil and recruiting overseas Chinese students to collect intelligence, and meddling with Taiwan’s 2018 election by “creating more than 20 media and internet companies to launch ‘targeted attacks’ and spending roughly $200 million over an unspecified period to invest in television stations in Taiwan.”

If these allegations are accurate, they are hardly surprising, except perhaps to those who still think that the intentions of the Chinese communist party under Xi are principally benevolent. 

One weakness of the article is its framing in the title: "Unprecedented Leaks Underscore Deep Discontent Inside China" and the first paragraph.  The leaks provide evidence only that a few heroic individuals have revealed the human rights violations being perpetrated by their totalitarian government.  The Hong Kong protests and election results reflect mass dissatisfaction, but the leaks may not be representative.  The leaks provide little evidence of the scope or scale of dissatisfaction.  And this framing is dangerous because it invites complacency. Western leaders have been imagining that a policy of coddling China's slave masters will somehow empower those being enslaved to strike for freedom for decades -- since 1989 at least.  It is a dangerous delusion. The first step in freeing those being enslaved is to speak openly about the enslavement, and the evil being perpetuated. Now is not the time to sit idly by hoping that "discontent" inside China will end its march towards subversion of freedom around the world. We must instead and repeatedly reaffirm basic truths about human freedom, democracy, decency, and liberty.  A better title would be "Leaks Reveal Evil Designs of Xi's Communist Regime." 

It's time to retool, expand, and reboot the vital work once done by Radio Free Europe, Voice of America and their cousins during the Cold War: to broadcast from free lands beyond the reach of China's Great Firewall (and through free satelite internet beyond the reach of its censors) the truth about what is happening within and outside of China. Then the huge risks taken by the heroic people who have helped reveal these truths will have appropriate recompense with a true deepening of informed discontent inside China. 

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Comment by M, 12/9/2019:

Continued- Most Favored Nation status is allowed due to the monied class desire to use China's "slave" labor to destabilize the working class in the USA.  Loooking at you Rockefeller's, and your toady H. Kissenger. 

That China doesn't play fair, is hardly news.  China starved 30 million people to death during their "Great Leap Forward".  Nobody Cares.  So, where's the beef? The real issue is China wants a bigger piece of the action. Trying to get Saudi Arabia to sell oil priced in Yuan currency was a dumb mistake.  Probably the "real" root cause of the current trade war with the USA, but that's none of my business.

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