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Dr. Robert Malone's take on regulatory capture and the COVID vaccines
Howard Richman, 11/13/2021

If you like to hear both sides of questions and make up your own mind, then Dr. Robert Malone's long interview with Veronika Kyrylenko at the New American is a must watch. Currently, the Main Stream Media and the tech monopolies are all purveying the "noble lie" that the COVID vaccines are safe while censoring everything that might discourage people from taking them.

Malone shouldn't be censored. He knows what he is talking about. As a young post-doc at the Salk Institute he was an inventor of RNA vaccines. He also knows U.S. health regulators on a personal basis.

I especially found the first half of this interview to be fascinating. He explains how Pfizer, in its initial reports to U.S. regulators, hid the fact that its vaccine didn't stay in the muscles where it is injected, but instead spread throughout the body. When it spreads to the heart it can produce permanent scarring which can cause sudden early death. He also discusses the sad current state of U.S. health regulation. Our health regulatory agencies have been thoroughly compromised by the large pharmaceutical companies.

If you don't watch this interview, you won't understand why 5 European countries recently warned young people not to use the Moderna vaccine after a study by the European Medicines Agency found that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines produced heart disease in a few people, with the Moderna vaccine being about 5 times more dangerous than the Pfizer vaccine. Meanwhile, Taiwan has halted plans to give second doses of the Pfizer vaccine to young people after finding that the risk of getting myocarditis was 10 times higher after the second dose than after the first dose.  And be sure to check out this interview with Dr. Peter McCullough about the huge spike in myocarditis cases among young males in the United States and the censorship of his scientific paper on the subject.

But think for yourself: Malone has his own biases. He has been seeking to conduct studies on the effectiveness of re-purposed drugs as alternatives to the vaccines -- inexpensive drugs such as HCQ, Ivermectin, and Aspirin.

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Comment by Maya, 11/25/2021:

You're misrepresenting the Moderna vaccine recommendation, perhaps because you linked not to a reputable news site but to a "natural medicine" site that is motivated to discredit the vaccines. Here's a link to Reuters:

From this article:

PARIS, Nov 9 (Reuters) - France's public health authority has recommended people under 30 be given Pfizer's (PFE.N) Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine when available instead of Moderna Inc's (MRNA.O) Spikevax jab, which carried comparatively higher risks of heart-related problems.

In other words, they aren't saying that there are hidden side effects and they aren't banning Moderna, they're simply saying that Pfizer is even lower risk and thus should be the vaccine of choice for the group at highest risk for myocarditis.

Furthermore, the EMA specifies this:

However, according to the EMA, the benefits of both mRNA shots in preventing COVID-19 continue to outweigh the risks, the regulator said, echoing similar views expressed by U.S. regulators and the World Health Organization.

France's HAS said that its recommendation, which would apply regardless of the vaccine's use as a first, second or third "booster" dose, would be valid until more scientific findings on the matter are known.

For persons aged over 30, however, the authority explicitly recommended the use of the Moderna vaccine, saying its effectiveness was slightly superior.

Basically, both vaccines are worth receiving and there isn't much difference, but the EMA has made recommendations about which vaccine they suggest different age groups receive.

Ironically, covid itself causes myocarditis in much higher numbers than the vaccine does:

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