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United Kingdom's Prince Phillip Calls Wind Farms "Useless and a Disgrace"
Raymond Richman, 11/27/2011

Jonathan Wynne-Jones writing in the Daily Telegraph 11/21/2011 reported that Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh, “in a withering assault on the onshore wind turbine industry .. said the farms were useless and ‘a disgrace’. He also criticised the industry’s reliance on subsidies from electricity customers, claimed wind farms would ‘never work’ and accused people who support them of believing in a ‘fairy tale’.”  He also noted that the windmills have to be switched off during strong winds because of complaints about their noise and they produce electricity at a higher cost than traditional energy sources. The writer adds, “The Duke’s views are politically charged, as they put him at odds with the Government’s policy significantly to increase the amount of electricity generated by wind turbines.”

It was a brave thing to say but every word is true. It was not the monarch who has no clothes according to the fable but a prince telling his subjects and the politicians who want their votes that they are naked of reason. We would go further, much further than Prince Phillip.

Proponents of the wind and solar farm subsidies argue that the reduction in carbon emissions, the social benefits, justifies the subsidies. But there is no evidence that convinces us that the spending of trillions of dollars world-wide has had any effect at all on world temperatures. They frighten us by alleging frightful things that will happen in the future, whenever that is, if emissions are not reduced substantially. But look at the benefits that were created by the melting of the glaciers historically, long before men even expelled carbon by breathing. The Great Lakes were created. Millions of acres of land in what was to become the U.S. and Canada became tillable. Billions of people are being nourished by the increased lands that became  available. People are living longer and billions are fed, clothed, and housed by the prosperity generated by global warming in the past. For all practical purposes, real poverty has been eliminated in the U.S. and Canada and Europe.  

Resources that could be allocated to reducing the harmful effects of hurricanes, tornadoes, and cyclones are subordinated to the alleged benefits of ending global warming, all pie-in-the-sky-when-you die promises (with apologies to Joe Hill). Meanwhile, the social and financial costs are measurable. Higher taxes to pay the subsidies and higher prices for electricity and their proven negative effects on employment are reducing standards of living world-wide. Jobs are being sacrificed for lack of investible funds which have been diverted to reduction of emissions. The misspent funds make no contribution to jobs or to growth. Prof. Gabriel Calzada Alvarez, a Spanish economist, has calculated that two jobs have been lost for every job created by anti-carbon emissions policies.  

To make matters worse, the theory of anthropogenic (man-made)global warming (AGW) is being challenged by a theory that variations in the sun’s magnetic field affect the amount of cosmic rays striking the earth causing global warming and cooling. Prof. Henrik Svensmark of Denmark first proposed this theory a decade ago. An experiment entitled CLOUD, conducted by Jasper Kirkby at CERN in Switzerland, the world’s leading nuclear research institution, just reported the results of the experiment thus far and the results lend suppport to Svensmark’s theory.  

Proponents of anthropogenic global warming cannot explain periods of global cooling such as we recently experienced. Indeed, forty years ago there was concern that we might be entering a period of global cooling. Because of the evidence that the theory is wrong and evidence that it may have been a hoax as the former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus has argued and expresses his concern based on the Czech experience with Communism that it is a “threat that the global warming frenzy presents to freedom and democracy.”

Given these facts, the U.S. government should immediately terminate its support for its anti-carbon emissions policies, end it subsidies to hybrid and electric cars, end its subsidies to wind and solar farms, remove the obstacles to the recovery of fossil fuels,  and redirect resources to research and control of undesirable weather phenomena.

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Comment by Sakthivel, 11/29/2011:

it is not acceptable one.even some mistakes happend due to the ineffcient wind farm operations of the Developers or Natural calamities apart from our hands.

Comment by Steven, 2/15/2012: There is no alternative to nuclear energy. Nuclear fear mongering relies on lack of education, similarly to the "tariffs" and "isolationaism" fear mongering - which are used to scare people off the benefits of balanced trade. can helpful for the non-specialist public, in dispelling some of the myths and media-driven prejudice towards nuclear energy.

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