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Nobel Laureate's "Emperor's New Clothes" speech about global warming
Howard Richman, 7/8/2015

At the July 3 Nobel Laureates conference on Mainau Island, 30 of the 65 attendees signed a media-reported letter urging action against global warming. Not reported by the media: the attendees listened to Norway's 1973 Nobel Physics Laureate Ivar Giaever give a truth-telling "Emperor's New Clothes" speech; also, the majority of the Nobel Laureates refused to sign the alarmist global-warming letter.

Giaever gave a great speech. His explanations were clear. His graphs were persuasive. He took the part of the boy in the Emperor's New Clothes folktale. The boy saw the Emperor parading around naked and cried out, "The Emperor has no clothes on!" Giaever was saying that the fraction of a degree differences in temperature upon which global warming theory is based are as invisible as the Emperor's new clothes. He said (on this video at the 6:45 mark):

To my surprise both "alarmist" and "deniers" (I guess that I'm quoted as a "denier") measure the average temperature for the whole earth for a whole year to a fraction of a degree, and that the result is significant. Of course it's not!

How can you possibly measure the average temperature for the whole earth and for the whole year and come up with a fraction of a degree? So, I have this cry here. I think the average temperature of the earth is equal to the Emperor's New Clothes. There was a boy who said, you know, who cried at might, "The Emperor has no clothes on," and I would cry out and say, "You can't measure the temperature for the whole earth with such accuracy!"

In the Emperor's New Clothes, the scam artists proclaim that those who can't see the pretend clothes are so incompetent that they should be fired. Today, similar insults are invoked in order to cower the opposition:

  • The proponents of borders open to criminal immigrants proclaim that those who oppose them are "racists."
  • The proponents of trade agreements with mercantilists proclaim that those who oppose them are "protectionists."
  • The proponents of man-made global warming proclaim that those who oppose them are like "Holocaust deniers." 

Donald Trump is currently telling the truth about illegal immigration and trade agreements and is refusing to be silenced by attacks. Ivar Giaever is telling the truth about global warming and is refusing to be silenced by insults.

There is a lot of truth in the Emperor's New Clothes folktale. Although attacks and insults can silence the truth, eventually a courageous truth-teller speaks out. Then everyone looks around and sees that the Emperor is parading around naked.

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Comment by labman57, 7/9/2015:

One of the great misconceptions of the scientifically-illiterate is the assumption that every scientist is an expert in all areas of science, somewhat akin to the Professor on Gilligan's Island.

The "expert" opinions of scientists who study quantum mechanics, or astrophysics, or nuclear chemistry, or plate tectonics are not going to have the same gravitas as the conclusions of scientists who actually have spent their careers studying atmospheric chemistry or climatology.

It would be no different than if you had been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, and so you sought out the expertise of several oncologists and neurosurgeons to discuss your options ... but then a couple of proctologists overhearing the conversations gave their two cents and insisted that their opinions carried as much weight as those of the consulted doctors.

It would make no sense to give much credence to the advise given by the proctologists ... unless your head was lodged up your ass.

Response to this comment by Ron V, 7/9/2015:
I complety agree.. Right on!!!

Comment by Ron V, 7/9/2015:

The truth allways prevails. There are now over 40,000 scientists that are proclaiming to stop all of this lunacy! By now we were supposed to dry up and blow away with heated dust storms and/or drown by 20 foot sea rises. The climate has been changing for billions of years and will continue to do so and man has never controled the climate / the weather and never will! The entire country of Australia is not buying it, and it looks like they are the only people on our planet that look at climate change with intelligence. They are not letting the USA EPA, IMF and the UN scare them into further decline of many near bankrupt countries, as they push for higher energy taxes and worthless inefficient alternative power. Science and electrical engineers need to be serching for other ways that can be more viable. Stop wasting money on nothing.. 

I do not believe that about now, the people of Greece are to concerned with climate change as they are wondering where their next meal is going to come from! We indeed need to run our country with nothing but the enonomy on ones mind or we to can easily fall into the same storm as Greece. 

The notion to obtain monitary gain by selling vapor needs to stop immediately!

One last thought on our border security. Our borders are as secure as the White House would be without a roof in the middle of a thunder storm and the lunatics within are just running around closing the widows!!!


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